Cycle safety mirror

The design characteristics of this mirror allow it to significantly increase the visibility of cyclists at junctions and to prevent many accidents.
Sometimes known as a "Trixi mirror"  the frame is red to be easily seen by motorists and also to echo all traffic signs giving orders (black frame also available).The angle of convexity is sufficient to give the correct field of vision without over-distorting the

The Vialux® cycle safety mirror has been trialled and tested and is now widely used in cities across the UK in cycle safety schemes.
Ask your dealer for advice on mounting brackets & fittings, always positioned sufficiently high to prevent theft & dazzling to any road user at night.


Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor
Viewing distance Less than 5 meters
Optics Polymir®
Field of vision vision à 120°
Guarantee 3 years (Polymir®)