Trench inspection mirror

VIALUX® portable inspection mirrors are used by security guards, police, airport security, and the armed services. An ideal means of inspecting difficult or dangerous areas, such as under or over vehicles, plant and machinery and under seating. The mirrors are light yet strong and equiped with telescopic poles.

  • Unbreakable Polymir® mirror, adjustable in all directions.
  • 1m - 3m telescopic pole
  • 3 year guarantee




Trench inspection mirror - product details:

Références miroirs d'inspection des tranchées

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Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor
Optics Polymir®
Field of vision Approximately 90° (2 directions)
Guarantee 3 years (Polymir®)

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The trench inspection mirror is mounted on an articulated ball joint, allowing the user to see pipe works in deep trenches on construction/work sites. Supplied with a 3 metre telescopic pole.

Polymir® optics are unbreakable & guarantee for 3 years.*

*under normal operating conditions