Stainless steel unbreakable traffic mirrors

These mirrors assist in securing intersections in urban areas by improving visibility around dangerous intersections, concealed entrances and exits, car parks & junctions where there are blind spots. Stainless steel optics are durable and UV inhibited.

  • Stainless steel mirrors are unbreakable, UV resistant, and have an excellent life span.
  • Undistorted, clear & sharp image quality.
  • 2 directional viewing - angle of convexity offers a field of vision of approx. 90°.
  • White frame with red retro-reflective strips
  • Universal fixing kit for wall and post-mounting supplied.
  • 10 year guarantee (mirror, frame & fixings).




Details for stainless steel traffic mirrors:


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Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor
Viewing distance 9 to 30 meters
Optics Stainless steel
Field of vision Approximately 90° (2 directions)
Guarantee 10 years (Stainless steel)

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The white frame with red retro-reflective strips ensures perfect visibility of the mirror to secure dangerous areas in urban environments. The red & white frame conforms to BS EN 12899-1:2007 standards.

Stainless steel is unbreakable, naturally anti-UV and has a long life span. It offers an accurate, clear and undistorted image quality.

The angle of convexity offers a 90° view at junctions or intersections.

The stainless steel traffic mirrors come with a universal mounting kit made of galvanised steel, adaptable for walls and round posts (dia 76 to 90 mm) or rectangular posts (60x80 or 80x80mm). The kit is fully adjustable, allowing precise adjustment of the position of the mirror. Note: if mirrors are post-mounted, only steel posts are to be used.

10 year guarantee on mirror, frame & fixings.*

*under normal operating conditions.




Red and White frame Ø 600 mm

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