Anti-frost / anti-condensation traffic & road safety mirrors

These mirrors help to secure junctions in urban areas whatever the weather, thanks to the high visibility red & white frame and the automatic demisting and defrosting system without the need for any electrical installation.

  • Unbreakable mirror, UV resistant and durable with a long life span.
  • Unique anti-condensation and anti-frost system where no electrical installation is required.
  • Clear and sharp image with no distortion.
  • 90 degree angle of convexity (to view 2 directions).
  • Striped white and reflective red frame
  • Universal mounting kit supplied for wall and post-mounting.
  • 10 years guarantee (frame, mirror, fixings) & 6 years for anti-frost/anti-condensation system.




Anti-frost / anti-condensation traffic mirror:


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Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor
Viewing distance 9 to 30 meters
Optics Anti-frost & anti-condensation
Field of vision Approximately 90° (2 directions)
Guarantee 10 years (Stainless steel)

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Vialux® anti-frost/anti-condensation traffic mirrors provide the ideal road safety & traffic mirror for urban areas that remain undistrurbed by extreme weather conditions. The high visibility frame (white with red retro-reflective adhesive strips) adheres to BS EN 12899-1:2007 standards.

Condensation and dew form when the air temperature changes rapidly (especially at dawn). Small droplets of water form on the mirror making it quickly inoperable.
Rain may also make an exposed mirror inoperable. The Vialux® mirror prevents misting of the mirror regardless of the temperature or humidity level. 

The mirror will provide clear images in conditions where temperatures reach -20°C. It functions on the principle of day-time latent heat storage which is then used to keep the mirrors frost and mist free. They require no electrical installation.

The stainless steel optics for the anti-frost / anti-condensation mirrors are unabreakable, UV inhibited and will not rust, and durable with an excellent life span, while still offering a sharp, high quality image.

The angle of convexity offers a 90 degree view (2 directional viewing).

All mirrors are supplied complete with robust & easy to install bolts and brackets kit made of galvanised steel, adaptable for walls and round (Ø 60 to 90 mm) or rectangular (60x80 or 80x80mm) posts. The kit is fully adjustable, allowing for precise adjustment of the mirror. If mirrors are post-mounted, only steel posts should be used.

10 years guarantee (frame, mirror, fixings) & 6 years for anti-frost/anti-condensation system.*

*under normal operating conditions.



846 AB

Red and White frame Ø 600 mm anti-frost and anti-condensation

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