Driveway exit mirrors wide angle

These driveway exit mirrors optimise & broaden the driver's field of vision with minimal obstruction to a passageway. Their size and angle of convexity allow usage at a greater distance (4 to 6 metres) than driveway exit mirrors. Adaptable to all concealed exits, parking areas and low speed blind spots. The mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally.

  • P.A.S.® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, and anti-UV, anti-static, & anti-scratch treated.
  • High quality, clear and sharp image.
  • Highly convex mirror face offering approximately 180 degree views 
  • Universal fixing kit for wall and post-mounting supplied.
  • 5 year guarantee (mirror & fixings).



Wide angle driveway exit mirror product codes & details:



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Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor
Viewing distance 4 ou 6 mètres
Optics P.A.S.®
Field of vision Approximately 180° (3 directions)
Guarantee 5 Years (P.A.S.®)

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These unbreakable wide angle driveway exit mirrors can be installed horizontally or vertically. When placed horizontally, they offer a very wide view, or when placed vertically, they offer a wide view with little obstruction.

P.A.S.® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, anti-UV, anti-static, and anti-scratch treated. They offer exceptional optical quality.

The driveway exit mirrors is supplied complete with a bracket and bolt fixing kit for wall or for post mounting (34 - 90mm in diameter). Easy to install, allowing precise adjustment of the position of the mirror.

It is guaranteed for 5 years (mirror & fixings)*.

*under normal operating conditions.


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