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These multi-purpose convex mirrors can be installed outdoors or indoors on roads or in areas with limited view or blind spots, to secure an intersection or exit points (e.g. in a factory, warehouse, storage area, urban area, driveway exit or carpark exit), or to monitor entrances in public areas such as shops, offices, building entrances, etc.

  • Polymir® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, and anti-UV treated.
  • High quality, clear, sharp image without distortion.
  • Convex mirror face offering 90 degree views (2 directions).
  • Universal fixing kit for wall and post-mounting supplied.
  • 3 year guarantee (mirror, frame & fixings).




Polymir® multi-purpose safety & surveillance mirror product codes & details:


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Data sheet

Unbreakable Yes
Use Outdoor / Indoor
Viewing distance Up to 30 meters
Optics Polymir®
Field of vision Approximately 90° (2 directions)
Guarantee 3 years (Polymir®)

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These Polymir® multi-purpose safety & surveillance mirrors are available in four different protective frame colours: white, black, red or green, offering more or less visibility, depending on the model.

Polymir® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, anti-UV treated and offer exceptional optical quality.

The angle of convexity offers a 90 degree view (2 directional viewing).

Mirrors are supplied complete with fully adjustable bolts and brackets kit for wall
mounting or for round posts (60 to 90 mm in diameter) or rectangular posts (60x80 or 80x80mm). Kit is robust, tested to withstand  winds of up to 183 km/h.

3 year guarantee (mirror, frame & fixings).*

*under normal operating conditions.