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Anti-frost and anti-condensation mirror. Red and white frame- Stainless steel

VIALUX® stainless steel traffic mirrors are designed to withstand the most unfavourable and agressive climatic conditions: salty environment, chemical pollution …
The anti-frost and anti-condensation versions developed by VIALUX® do not require any electrical connection.

stainless-steel-10-years-warranty-anti-frost-anti-condensation-6-years-warrantyStainless steel
Anti-frost & anti-condensation
  • Stainless steel optics are unbreakable, insensitive to UV
  • Anti-frost /anti condensation device 6 years warranty
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Detailed description

Industrial Safety mirror

Stainless steel optic

Stainless steel optics are unbreakable, insensitive to UV, durable and guarantee a long life span. The high grade stainless steel and the precision of its polishing ensure a high image quality.

Anti-frost and anti-condensation

A stainless steel optic equipped with an anti-frost device requiring no electric connection.


All stainless steel traffic mirrors are supplied with fully adjustable bolts and galvanised steel bracket kit for wall or round steel posts (Ø76 to 90mm) or rectangular steel posts (60x80mm or 80x80mm). The kit allows the optimum orientation to be easily achieved.

Technical features


requiring an anti-frost /anti condensation system





Maximum viewing distancee

up to 30 metres

Field of vision

90°. 2 directions.


Inox / Anti-frost & anti-condensation system:e10 / 6 years guarantee
road mirrors installation
Installation stainless steel mirror
9 metres600 x 400750 x 600854 AB
11 metresØ 600Ø 790846 AB
20 metres800 x 600956 x 756 858 AB
20 metresØ 800Ø 1000848 AB
30 metresØ 1000Ø 1200886 AB

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Recommendations and regulations

With variable climatic conditions, condensation and possibily ice form when the air temperature drops. Small droplets of water form on the surface of the mirror making it quickly inoperable. The VIALUX® anti-frost and anti condensation mirror will provide clear images in conditions where temperatures reach -20°.
The mirrors function using the principal of day-time latent heat storage which is then used to keep the mirrors frost and mist free.

The mirror requires exposure to the sun and its operation will not be optimal if it is installed against a wall or if it is constantly in a shaded area.